Top 10 Bollywood songs for workout

A popular celebrity once said, “I spend about 75% of my time at the gym finding the right song for my workout.” That is the conundrum we face while working out. Studies indicate that music is a huge motivator for workouts. In fact, fast-paced and high tempo beats encourage movement. How many times did you get up and do a little jig just because the song had infectious beats?

Music diverts your mind from pain and tiredness. It energizes you and also increases the flow of endorphins to your brain. It makes you feel happy while working out. Studies indicate that music also increases the metabolic rate. People who listen to music may carry out extended workouts without realizing it but enjoy themselves nonetheless.

In fact, Sonakshi Sinha has attributed her svelte frame to long and hard workouts while listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs. She once tweeted, “Woke up at 6 am. Didn’t know what to do. Put on some @asliyoyo music on full blast and BAM – 2 hour workout done!”  So, add these songs to your workout playlist, dust your gym shoes (or dancing shoes), and sweat it out with full energy and motivation.

Top 10 Bollywood Workout Songs In Your Playlist

1. “Baby Doll” – Ragini MMS 2

The numero uno spot undoubtedly goes to this chartbuster. Peppy sing-along lyrics, foot-tapping beats, and Sunny Leone to motivate you as you push yourself that extra mile. Play this song on loop for the feel-good factor of the music and see how your workout becomes even more fun. The chair sequence may even encourage you to bust a few moves.

2. “Kamli” – Dhoom 3

We have all seen the video for the song where Katrina gets her groove bang on. It is a feel-good Punjabi number that makes you want to get up and move. In fact, this number has inspired some Bollywood dance workouts. Check this link out – Kamli

3. “Kaala Chashma” – Baar Baar Dekho

Who can forget Katrina’s abs in this video? Kala Chashma was one of the biggest hits of 2016. It can literally make anyone dance to its catchy beats. This Punjabi-inspired Bollywood song is so flexible that you can do any form of dance on it, such as Punjabi, hip hop, freestyle, salsa, or even Indian classical! So, listen to this and get creative.

4. “The Disco Song” – Student Of The Year

A song that ruled the charts, this disco-inspired number is both a mix of the familiar and the new to make you want to break into a step. The infectious beats are motivating and keep you energized.

5. “Mauja Hi Mauja” – Jab We Met

No doubt Kareena looked faaab in this song and the movie, but this song is also a very good Bollywood number for you to dance to. Just follow the steps that Kareena and Shahid do, with the same energy, and you will burn calories. Don’t believe me? Try it!

6. “Jee Karda Rock Version” – Badlapur

This song is perfect for a run, HIIT, and lifting weights. The music and lyrics will prevent you from giving up and make you feel more determined, which is great for your workout routine. Plus, Varun Dhawan’s body and rugged look will also push you beyond your limits.

7. “Lean On”– Diljit (Punjabi Remix)

This is another great soundtrack for your workout playlist. This bhangra version of Lean On can make you groove to it instantly.

8. “Zinda”– Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The best part of this song is its video. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do. The willpower and the grit to train harder is what you need when you workout, and that’s what you will get from this song. The song is very inspiring, and the music is perfect for any type of exercise routine.

9. “Chammak Challo” – Ra.One

Yet another Kareena hit number, this song has something about it that captures your attention and makes you smile. Dancing to it can be the best as you will feel confident and sexy.

10. “Suit Suit” – Hindi Medium

Couldn’t get enough of Chammak Challo? Here’s one more track that’s groovy and catchy. This Punjabi song is perfect for your dance routine.

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